What are the lead times?

Up to date lead times are shown in product descriptions. All products are made to order and will ship within 3-15 business days. These are our standard lead times but may vary. If there is any further delay you will be notified.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer international shipping.

Do you collect duties and taxes on international shipments?

We do not collect duties and taxes on international shipments. You will be responsible to pay for duties and taxes at time of delivery as required in your country.

Do you charge Canadian taxes?

We charge GST/HST for customers in Canada.

What currency is being used for pricing? 

Unless you have selected a different currency, all products are priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

When will “Coming Soon” items be available? 

We hope to have these items available within 2 weeks of announcing them. Subscribe to our mailing list for up-to-date information on when they will become available.  

What is the Extend Reach Replacement program?

"Extended Reach Replacement" program is our way of standing behind and improving our products. To put it simply, if you break or bend a part covered by this program while riding, we will replace it for free. You will only be expected to pay shipping. If you break or bend the replacement part while riding, we will work with you to create a stronger part which will also be free. In this instance we would pay to have your broken or bent parts shipped back to us and you would pay shipping on the new part.

Are all parts cover by the Extended Reach Replacement program?

The short answer is, no. Only parts with a statement of coverage in the description are eligible and all claims under the "Extended Reach Replacement" program will be reviewed by Far Reach for validity.


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