My name is Ryan and for as long as I can remember, I have loved bikes. As a kid I would obsess over bike magazines, draw bikes and dream about bikes. Growing up bikes were everywhere, my parents and grandparents, uncles and cousins, everyone rode or had ridden. Then when I was eight my dad restored his ‘71 Honda z50 for me to learn on. An old hardtail mini bike was freedom and it was perfect. After a while BMX and MTB took over my life. It wasn’t until much later that I started riding motorcycles, but they are in my blood or at least it feels that way.

Growing up in rural Canada the most fun you could have was camping. Arguably, only marginally better than fishing or playing in the woods. That love for the outdoors still runs as deep as my love for bikes. Naturally I wanted to combine the two.

The idea for Far Reach Outfitters started in 2020 with a solid axle swapped, flatbed Chevy Colorado. The truck was built for overlanding and hauling dirt bikes. Originally I was going to build trucks and jeeps but as life took some unexpected turns, that was abandoned. Then came Jenn, she reignited my passion for all things motorcycle. Watching her learn to ride and riding together set me on fire. I was a kid again with an insatiable thirst for bikes. Our weekends were spent riding and training and teaching my daughter to ride. It wasn’t long before we went on our first adventure trip. Two years later and I am launching my own brand rooted in that passion for bikes and adventure.

Fast forward to now and I am officially in business thanks to the support of a small group of family and friends. They offer support, input and help when and however they can. Thank you Jenn, Logan, Matt and Chris. The journey has only just begun, I can not wait to see how FAR our REACH will EXTEND.

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