Peg Exchange Program

So you like our Skid Pegs but we don't offer them for your bike? No worries. You can send us your pegs to take measurements from and we will send you a set of Skid Pegs made to fit your bike. Since you will be helping us grow our catalog, your new pegs will also be discounted. It's a win-win situation.

This program is open to any bike regardless of age, make or model. If you have an '04 Triumph Rocket III Roadster dark-siding on All-Terrain tires, we will do it. We would be happy to make you a pair of pegs even if it's the only pair we sell. All Skid Pegs are 2.5" wide and can be made to a custom length between 3.25"-4.5" custom heights are also available.

We only need ONE set of pegs per bike, once a bike is added to the catalog it is no longer eligible for program.

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